Computer Science Degrees

Choosing a college major can be a very daunting task. You must have an idea of what career options are available prior to enrolling to ensure that the program meshes with your career aspirations and goals. If you are looking into computer science degrees, keep reading for some popular career suggestions.

Systems Analyst – This position involves getting down into the nuts and bolts of computer hardware and software systems. They analyze and resolve problems that occur during regular functionality of the system and also work with developers to design new systems.

Network Manager – Large companies usually have many computers that need to work and “talk” to each other. That is where network managers come into play. They design, set up, and perform maintenance on both local and wide area networks for companies.

Cyber Security Manager – Now more than ever, cyber security is at the forefront of corporations. There are many virus, hackers, and cyber criminals that maliciously want to harm a company’s systems. Due to this, this career field is currently quite popular and fast growing.

Computer Graphics – If you love computers and have a natural tendency in the arts and design, this may be the career for you. You can be a consultant or work for companies developing marketing materials, newsletters, and websites.

Listed above are just a few of the positions you can qualify for with a computer science degree. There are so many other opportunities available and in just about any industry. The career possibilities are endless!

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