Study Guide for BCA Entrance Exam 2012

Bachelor of Computer Applications is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers and information technology. If you are interested in computer related field and even if you are not interested in computer field, but you have a fast thinking mind and can apply concepts and analyze the situation coming your way, then BCA is the perfect course for you. if you want success in the BCA entrance Exam you should prepare following topics.


Sets, Relations and Functions; Complex Numbers; Sequence and Series; Quadratic Equation; Permutations and Combinations; Binomial Theorem; Logarithm; Matrices; Determinant; Probability; Trigonometrical Ratios and Identities; Trigonometric Equations; Properties of Triangles; Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Heights and Distances; Limits and Continuity;
Differentiation; Application of Derivative; Indefinite Integration; Definite Integration; Area Bounded by Region; Differential Equations; Rectangular Cartesian System; The Straight Line; Pair of Straight Lines; The Circle; Parabola; Ellipse; Hyperbola; Vector Algebra; Three Dimensional Geometry

Logical Ability and Reasoning.

Analogy Test; Classification; Series Test; Coding-Decoding Test; Alphabet Test; Sitting Arrangement Test; Comprehension of Ranks; Direction Test; Blood Relations Test; Puzzle Test; Data Sufficiency Test; Mathematical Operations and Reasoning; Input and Output Test; Venn Diagram Test; Syllogism; Decision Making; Statement-Assumpsions; Statement-Conclusions; Strong and Week Arguments; Clock and Calendar Test; Cube and Dice; Image Test; Paper Cutting and Folding; Counting of Figures Test; Completion of Figures Test; Embedded Figures Test; Formating of Figures Test; Miscellaneous Test

Computer Awareness and Information Technology.

Computer Fundamentals and PC Applications; Computer History; Networking; Operating Systems; DBMS; System Analysis and Design;
Software Engineering; Computer Organization; ‘C’ Language; Data Structures

General Knowledge.

Indian History; Geography; Indian Polity; Indian Economy; General Science; General Knowledge; Objective Corner

English Language and Comprehension.

Comprehension; Sequence of Sentences; Word Power; Synonyms; Antonyms; Fillers; Cloze Test; Spelling Test; Idioms and Phrases; One Word Substitution; Common Errors; Sentence Improvement; Active and Passive Voice; Direct and Indirect Speech

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